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Double Standards, Abortion, & Palin's Speech

On Monday, the news broke that Palin's 17-year-old daughter is pregnant. The story caused a intense debate about McCain's judgment and the issue of teen pregnancy in the US. A prominent question has been whether it is even okay to talk about Palin's daughter, since it is a private issue. Sure, it's dicey, but isn't it relevant considering Palin's pro-life stance? On last nights episode of the Daily Show, Jon Stewart questioned former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich about the issue.


Ironic Hostilitiy: Republicans Attacking the "Liberal" Media

Sitting in the press stands during the speeches last night was very intense. A lot of  hostility towards the media was expressed in the speeches. I felt the negative vibe and wondered if some people would like to throw things at us. Seriously! People in the audience were pointing at the writing press in disgust when the speakers mentioned the "liberal" bias of the media and then they started booing.


The Issues on Labor Day: Bush, McCain, and Teen Pregnancy

Today, the Republican National Convention started in St. Paul/Minneapolis. The official program was shortened due to the potentially dangerous storm Gustav. The happenings on the floor in Xcel Center took place for only about 3 hours. President Bush, who was supposed to headline the evening stayed in Washington to deal with Gustav. One delegate told me that that is the best thing that could have happened. Having Bush in St. Paul, he argued, would have only given Obama more ammunition against McCain.


Nachprüfung SHP I

Die Nachprüfung SHP I findet am 26. September 2008 von 11-13 Uhr im Raum 2 5.16 statt.


McCain's VP Pick, Clinton Supporters, & the Hard Fight Ahead

McCain's VP pick again underscores how hard the Democrats will have to work over the next 143 days to reunite their party with upset Clinton supporters. At the same time, Obama's acceptance speech, watched by 38 million Americans (!), showed how many people he can inspire. Still, a large portion of Americans are very skeptical of him and his background.


Most Memorable Speech Lines at DNCC

Ted Kennedy (Massaschusetts Senator): "The work begins anew. The hope rises again. And the dream lives on."

David Patterson (New York Governor): "In 2007, John McCain voted with the administration 95% of the time. So if he is the answer, the question must be ridiculous." 

Kathleen Sebelius (Kansas Governor): "There is no place like home. Or a home. Or a home. Or a home." 

... check back for more soon. 


Republican Convention Preview: The Upcoming Storm

This morning John McCain revealed his pick for Vice President. It was timed as expected: The announcement was made directly after Barack Obama's history making acceptance speech yesterday to reduce the news coverage about the Democrats successful and historic convention and to refocus on the Republicans. I actually first heard about it, when I was at Denver International Airport this morning waiting for my flight to Salt Lake City to depart.


Political Discussion Above the Clouds, Part II

I guess I should turn this into a series... After all, people who sit next to me in the air plane seem to always feel like they need to talk to me. So here is my most recent experience:

Flying through Salt Lake City, Utah, is quite something. The experience certainly met my expectations because on my flight to the Mormon state, a Mormon sat next to me. That fact alone was hilarious: I got the full dose of cultural differences and coming to Utah (even if it's only for a short layover) without meeting a Mormon wouldn't have been authentic I suppose.


History Making @ Invesco Field in Denver

Today, Barack Obama officially accepted the nomination as the candidate for president of the Democratic party, 45 years after Martin Luther King's internationally known "I have a dream" speech.




Internet at the Pepsi Center

There is no free wireless internet on the floor and in the press stands in the Pepsi Center… to my great surprise. So I went to the technology center asking about the access at my press seat, only to find out that it would cost me $850, plus $500 because it’d be a late order, to have the internet at my seat for the three days in the Pepsi Center. Seriously?! I decided to safe that money and to use the press filing area that has free wireless instead. The sole delegate for the Democrats Abroad from Germany told me that it was advertised before the convention started.

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