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BA, MA and Magister Registration Information Winter Term 2009/10


As a rule, classes for Magister Hauptstudium require prior enrollment. Enrollment procedures are specified in each course description (please see the course catalog ).

In case there are any students who still need to complete coursework in Magister Grundstudium, please attend the office hours of one of the program’s advisors.

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October 5 - 7: Student Orientation Week Winter Term 2009/10

Student orientation days for 1st-year BAs are on Tuesday, October 6, from 9.30 am to about 6 pm, and on Wednesday, October 7, from 10 am to about 8 pm. Please make sure to bring your Personalausweis (or Reisepass) and three Euros registration fee (that we will use for the BBQ on the second day). And if you do have a digital camera, please feel free to bring that as well. 

Student orientation day for 1st-year MAs is on Wednesday, October 7, from 11 am to about 5 pm.

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Course Catalog for Winter Term 2009/10 Out Now!

The course catalog for the winter semester 2009/10 is now available on Lehrbox. Please keep on checking the course listings for any news and updates.

To find out about how to register for modules and classes, please read the registration information sheet.

For important information about Institute staff and advising  etc. see the course catalog introduction below.

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Repeat Exam LC II

These are the dates and deadlines for the LC II repeat exam:


Written exam

September 15, 10-11.30 am, room 2 5.16



topics will be announced at the beginning of September

due date November 16, 2009



October 5, time t.b.a.

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Summer Break Office Hours

ASL’s faculty will hold office hours during the summer break as follows:


Prof. Garrett

August 10, 1-3 pm

September 7, 1-3 pm

September 29, 2-4 pm


Prof. Koenen

July 27, 1-2 pm

August 21, 1-2 pm


Dr. Kanzler

by appointment via email in July and August

September 17, 4-5 pm

For more information, please click here.

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Office Hours Prof. Keil on August 18

Prof. Keil’s next office hours are on Tuesday, August 18, at 10 am.

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Anniversary Lecture: Ian Hacking "The Announced Abolition of Man"

A list of all Anniversary Lectures you find here.

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Secretariat Office Hours on Wednesday, August 5

Dear students,

on Wednesday, August 5, the secretariat will  be open only from 10am-12pm and 1-3pm.

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ASL merchandise on sale

Get a 15% discount on all ASL merchandise (minimum order value is 35.00 Euros) during the summer sale from August 6 - 23! Just go to our ASL shop, log in and use the coupon code “SOMMERZEIT2009”.

Have fun shopping!

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FSR Newsletter #14

The latest FSR newsletter…

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