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The Transatlantic Review: SUBMIT!

     You know us humanists. We study and think and write for years. And maybe in the end, if what we’ve studied and thought and written for years turns out to be well argued, relevant, never thought of before, or even true, then we might find ourselves publishing in print.


Breakin' Spring

If you really want to hear about it,

here’s the collected works of my spring break experience. Six blog posts written shortly after the respective days of the last week. If, however, you just want to kill five minutes, or if you want to get a quick idea of what you could do over spring break if you like the cold, just read this summary. Ideally, of course, you do both.


Old Man's Cave

Oh, the beauty!

The first time out of Athens, we discovered nature more beautiful than I would have expected to find so close nearby.


Settled In

Athens, OH, is a beautiful town. (It has a typically American diner, nice redbrick buildings, milions of grey squirrels, and a herd of 4-5 deer roaming my back yard.) Already after my first two weeks here, it feels like a place I really want to call home. Having left Leipzig on the morning of January 3, I was, to be honest, even a bit sad to leave behind the good times that I’d had there over the last weeks.

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