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Prof. Garrett Seminar "Mediating Politics" Cancelled for Monday, April 13

Due to a business trip to the United States, Professor Garrett's seminar on "Mediating American Politics & Society" will not be held on Monday, April 13. The seminar will convene as planned on Monday, April 20.


Career Service Summer Workshop Schedule

In the summer term 2015, the Career Service is offering a diverse array of workshops. Courses especially relevant for students of the humanities and social sciences include “Alles SEO oder was?


Prof. Arlene R. Keizer Talked About Black Feminist Postmodernism

On January 16, 2015, guest professor Arlene R. Keizer (University of California, Irvine) held a lecture titled "'Emancipated, and On Tour': Black Feminist Postmodernism in Literature, Visual Art, and Performance." About sixty people attended the event, which was part of Keizer's lecture tour through Middle Germany.



Career Service Newsletter January 2015

Students who are interested in working for the EU, or those who are looking for general advice on matters of application and career planning, might be interested in the Career Service's January Newsletter.


Black Presences in Leipzig: A Symposium

On November 13, 2014, the Black Leipzig symposium took place with four presentations on Black culture in Leipzig. In her opening address Prof. Anne Koenen argued that in order to understand the broad range of topics related to racism and Black culture it is necessary to scrutinize different constructions of race and blackness. Kathleen Rahn outlined traces of colonialism in Leipzig's history and pointed to the highly problematic commemorative culture of the city.


History, Identity, and the Body in American and African American Literature and Culture

Please join us for a lecture with guest professor Arlene R. Keizer titled "History, Identity, and the Body in American and African American Literature and Culture." The event is part of professor Keizer's lecture tour through Middle Germany, which is sponsored by the US Embassy.


Volunteer and Meet American Students!

If you are interested in cultural exchange and meeting American students, please consider volunteering for the MentorInnenprogramm of the Freiwilligenagentur Leipzig. The program is designed to welcome and support a group of students from Abilene Christian University (Texas) that wi


Ebola–Perspectives from the Social Sciences and Anthropology

On Wednesday, December 17, Prof. Dr. Rose Marie Beck (Universität Leipzig, Institut für Afrikanistik) will give a talk entitled "Ebola–Perspectives from the Social Sciences and Anthropology." The presentation will be held at 1 p.m. in the Neues Seminargebäude, room S420. Please read the following abstract for further information.


Film Club Meeting Rescheduled

Please note that the first Film Club meeting on Monday, November 24, was rescheduled from 5pm to 7pm. The group will meet in room 2 5.16 of the Humanities Building (GWZ).


Co-found a Film Club!

Students who enjoy watching and discussing movies might be interested in joining a meeting at 5pm on Monday, November 24, in room 2 5.16. During the first session, the group will think about topics for future meetings, such as "Films about Film," or "American Arthouse," and set the date for a first film screening.

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