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 Björn Deh's blog 


Time to Say Goodbye

My time in Athens has come to an end, and it truly was an amazing time that was influenced by so many people, places, and memorable experiences. So I packed my bags with mixed feelings before I had to head home. But before I eventually arrived at home, there were a few things left to do.



Not only is our time at Ohio University coming to an end but also our time at our internships. There are only two more weeks to go, and the work on my projects has to be finished by the 10th of June. The last big project I am working on is the rural economic development project, and I already have more than half of it finished. I conduct research on the various problems of rural economic development, then look how different strategies have been developed, and how these strategies have eventually worked out.


Counting the Days

This Saturday the bell will sound for my last 30 days in the US. It seems as if the spring quarter is going even faster than the winter quarter. The weather is (sometimes) nice, and when the sun comes out, Athens becomes this vibrant place where you can suddenly become a part of scavenger hunts, water pistol fights, or Ultimate-Frisbee matches.


New Quarter, New Opportunities

The new quarter has begun and since each quarter is only 10 weeks it started like winter quarter on steroids. Just like during the winter quarter, I chose to take 3 classes (GLC and two political science classes), but this time they are higher-level 490 classes. And what that means was easy to figure out after only two lectures: more to read, more to write, and more class discussions. Even though the workload is much higher, it seems that it is easier to learn about the relevant issues of each class because participation is required to understand all the different concepts.


All Good Things Come to an End…

…sooner or later. In my case “sooner or later” meant 10 days. I just got back to Athens safe and sound after a short (spring) break that I spent in Germany. While I was visiting my family, it became clear that I only realized how much I missed all the little things about Germany. It also became clear that you start to miss especially those things that you take for granted. I was so amazed about all the differences between the US and Germany that I think the only way to do them justice is to list and explain them:


Finals, Quarterfinals, and TV Series

Right now has to be the busiest time of the year here in Athens, OH. The finals are coming up next week, and suddenly everybody realizes that there is more to learn than time is left to actually do it. The library is now occupied like houses in Berlin Kreuzberg in the early 80s, with students pulling all-nighters living off caffeine and books. Richard and I were lucky enough to already have one of our finals in form of a presentation.


OU, Oh Yeah!

The end of our first quarter here at Ohio University is almost around the corner, and everybody starts to make their plans for the one week they have off from school: the infamous spring break. It seems as if the most popular places this year are Miami, Panama City Beach, and Las Vegas. Spring break is the time when college students are trying to drown all the accumulated knowledge of the past year within seven days.


A Tale of Two Cities: Towels, Cheeseheads, Pugs, and Darth Vader

Wow! These last weeks were amazing in so many ways. Super Bowl, Midterms, Volleyball tournament: I don’t know where to start. Let's start off with the academics. The midterms went great and were very similar to the exams we take at ASL, for example SHP: Short Answers, items, and a few multiple choice questions mixed to a more than manageable exam. Even though it feels like I just got my results back I'm writing a new exam tomorrow, so after I'm finished writing this blog, it will be back to studying liberal institutionalism and deterrence theory.


American Dimensions

We have now been in Athens for almost a month and have experienced so many different things that I don't even know where to start. Since this is a blog at one of the American Studies pages, I will first tell you about the work and course load we have to manage. Let me tell you: It's different!!!


We're Back to School!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had an equally fun Christmas break as I did. While you were preparing for another big feast with your grandparents on the 25th, Richard and I had trouble making our way to the airport. This was actually the hardest part of our trip. Everything else went down smoothly, and we arrived in Athens on the 26th. After a close inspection of our homes we decided to take a walk through the city.

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