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 Anne Keyselt's blog 


Office Hours during the Semester Break Summer 2015

Prof. Garrett

25 August, 4 - 6 pm
and by appointment 


Prof. Pisarz-Ramírez

18 August, 11 am


Dr. Schmieder

26 August, 1 - 2 pm
30 September 1 - 2 pm


Dr. Herrmann

3 August, 4 - 5 pm
and by appointment


Heather Pruessing

by appointment



Secretariat Closed

Due to illness, the Secretariat has to be closed until further notice.



Professor Garretts office hours for Wednesday, 10 June, cancelled

Professor Garretts office hours for Wednesday, 10 June, will have to be cancelled.


Secretariat Closed from 18 to 21 May

Due to holidays, the Secretariat will remain closed from 18 to 21 May.

I´ll be back in office on 26 May.

Anne Keyselt
ASL Secretariat


Exam Dates Summer Semester 2015

Literature & Culture II

Blockseminar for Presentations:
17 July 2pm to 6pm
18 July 9 am to 3pm

Deadline for Final Paper: 30 August
Lecture Exam: 22 July 5pm to 7pm (HS 2)


Literature & Culture III

both Seminars: July 20, 3 pm

Society, History, Politics I




The Course Catalag for the Summer Semester 2015 is out now.



Office Hours Summer Semester 2015

Prof. Garrett

Tuesday, 5-6 pm

Wednesday, 4-5 pm


Prof. Pisarz-Ramírez

Thursday, 2-3 pm


Dr. Herrmann

Monday, 4-5 pm (starting April 27)


Dr. Bast

Monday, 11 am - noon


Dr. Antje Dallmann

Office hours by prior appointment


Maria Lippold


Secretariat closed on 24 March

The secretariat will have to remain closed on 24 March.


Office Hours during the Semester Break Winter 2015

Prof. Koenen

by appointment (until Feb 27)


Prof. Garrett

Th, Feb 26, 1-3 pm

Weds, March 25, 2-4 pm


Dr. Herrmann

by appointment


Florian Bast

Feb 9, 11-12

Feb 16, 11-12


Tobias Schlobach

by appointment


Anne Grob

by appointment

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