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 Richard Bachmann's blog 


Changes in the BA Plus Team

As of October 2012, Dr. Frank Usbeck has left BA Plus to work on a DFG-funded research project about American soldier blogs with former ASL faculty Prof. Kanzler at TU Dresden.

Attention 2nd Year BA Students - BA Plus Townhall Meeting on Oct. 23rd

American Studies Leipzig, in close cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), is pleased to announce that four BA Plus fellowships will be granted for study at Ohio University during the 2013-2014 academic year. Students must currently be in their second year at ASL to apply.


ASL and Ohio University Bringing Education, Diplomacy and Social Media Together

Last week, five students from Ohio University's Global Leadership Center (GLC) were in Leipzig to work together with their ASL peers on a wrap-up presentation of this year's Transatlantic Seminar project Think Transatlantic.


Research Platform ASL Gateway Revised and Updated

Recently, we have been working a lot on the American Studies Leipzig Gateway in order to help you optimize your research for term papers and presentations.

The American Studies Leipzig Gateway is an online research platform provided in cooperation with the Frank Freidel Library and the US Consulate in Leipzig.


Last Week's Fulbright Lecture with Prof. Gabriele Pisarz-Ramirez Talking About Transnational Abolitionism

In last week's Fulbright Lecture, Prof. Gabriele Pisarz-Ramirez talked about transnational abolitionism and the impact of the Haitian Revolution on abolitionist writers in the US. She stressed that the successful overthrow of the French colonial system by a slave revolt and the resulting abolition of slavery in Haiti was a highly inspirational event for American abolitionist. As a result, they often praised the Haitian Revolution in their writings and stressed the importance of abolitionism in the Americas.

Prof. Pisarz-Ramirez talks about the impact of the Haitian Revolution on American abolitionist
Prof. Pisarz-Ramirez during the Fulbright Q&A session
Prof. Pisarz-Ramirez contextualizes Abolitionism in the Americas
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Last Week's Fulbright Lecture with Prof. Bill Condee Discussing Uncle Tom's Cabin

In last week's Fulbright Lecture, Prof. Bill Condee from Ohio University talked about the perception of Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin in America, Europe, and Germany. He stressed that this perception has changed over time and has been quite ambiguous. Furthermore, he pointed out that the illustrations the book contained and movie adaptations have shaped lasting racial stereotypes in Europe and Germany with regards to African Americans.

Prof. Condee is talking about racial stereotypes in the cover design of Uncle Tom's Cabin
Prof. Condee listening to a question from the audience
ASL students listening to Prof. Condee's lecture
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Fulbright Lecture Series Started with Prof. Charles Postel Discussing the Tea Party

This year’s Fulbright Lecture Series started yesterday with an interesting discussion of the “Rise of the Tea Party Movement” by an expert in the field, Prof. Charles Postel from San Francisco State University. Prof. Postel put the Tea Party movement in its cultural, political and social context. He elaborated on the John Birch Society, American conservatism and its place in the Republican Party, the Tea Party’s constituencies, and their views on the Obama administration.


TOMORROW at 11:15am - Walk-in Registrations for Service Learning

Students who are interested in still registering for Service Learning can do so at the first Service Learning session tomorrow at 11:15am in the ASL Homebase (3.515).


Announcement of Exam Grades for SHP II (04-001-1006)

Dear students,

find attached as a pdf your exam grades for the SHP II module (04-001-1006). Please note, that the grades are provisional until confirmed by the Prüfungsamt. A table of grades can be also found at the ASL Info Pinboard. 


Video Essays Online of Ohio-Leipzig Transatlantic Seminar

As part of the Ohio Leipzig Transatlantic Seminar 2011, students from Ohio University´s Global Leadership Center (GLC) and American Studies Leipzig (ASL) engaged in transatlantic group projects last summer semester. Since the joint seminar was conducted under the auspices of and sponsored by the Transatlantic Climate Bridge, an eco-political initiative of the German Embassy in Washington D.C, the project groups focused on an environmental topic this time.

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