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 Eric Fraunholz's blog 


Study Abroad in the US

On Monday, 14 April, Assistant Lecturer Bethany Lerch led an economic-oriented workshop. Titled the "The US Job Market: A crash course" participants learned about the economic hardship facing the United States and American workers.

Background on the Finanicial Crisis as well as the Great Recession was provided, as was a more thorough understanding of the statistics that factor into unemployment.


Internships and Professional Development

On Tuesday, April 22, a number of students got together with American Space internship advisor Ewa Adamkiewicz to learn more about internships in the United States and professional development.

The workshop focussed on how to find internships, how to integrate those into the student's schedule, and how to finance an internship abroad.

The next internship workshop will be offered on May 26, 5-7 pm.



Meet the American Space Library: A Community Event

The first American Space Library Workshop turned out to be a success.

The group was very attentive and a lot of information was gathered on most diverse subjects in the end:
E.g., the Icelandic-US relations, literature by and about authors like John Steinbeck or Ernest Hemingway, or the newest edition of Vanity Fair. Participants also learned how fast-paced and dynamic internet sources are these days, as they discussed the Encyclopedia Britannica, which already offers an article on the Maidan protest movement.


First Round of “Teaching America" Seminar

We are pleased to inform you that the initial round of our seminar “Teaching America” will start on April 9, 2014.

We are looking forward to the incoming teaching degree students.


American Television: Reality vs. Reality TV

On Monday, 31 March, Bethany Lerch hosted an early evening event that explored American culture through the lens of reality TV.


Interview: German-American Relations and the Ukraine Crisis

MDR Info, the main public radio news provider for central Germany, interviewed Crister S. Garrett for its Sunday noon news show about the implications of the unfolding crisis in Ukraine for German-American relations.


Death and Dying Conference Poster Online

The 2nd year MA cohort is happy to present the poster for the fourth annual American Studies Leipzig MA-Level Graduate Student Conference on "Death and Dying in American Culture."

You can find it here, or at the conference team's homepage: www.death-and-dying.de


Jennine Capo Crucet Reads From Her Work

On November 7, 2013, about forty to fifty people came to hear Picador Professor Jennine Capó Crucet read from her work at the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst in Leipzig. The event was moderated by Ellen Schweda (author and journalist for MDR Figaro).


Lecture: Indian Resilience and Rebuilding in a Modern American Context

On January 31, 2014, ASL was honored to welcome Arizona State University‘s Distinguished Foundation Professor of History, Donald L. Fixico.

His lecture "Indian Resilience and Rebuilding in a Modern American Context" was an inspiring and thought-provoking talk that went beyond historical facts to explore greater epistemological dynamics of Native American history. The lecture was generously supported by the U.S.


Concluding the "American Gangster Film" Series

Fulbright Professor Barry Laga concluded his screening series "The American Gangster Film" with Tarantino's classic Pulp Fiction.

Again, many students have found their way to the Institute for American Studies and shared their  thoughts in a lively discussion about the peculiarites of postmodern filmmaking and Pulp Fiction's depiction of violence.

With its high degree of gangster film intertextuality, Pulp Fiction proved to be the perfect film to finish the screening series.

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