Internship Support

The work world has internationalized itself so thoroughly that internships are no longer seen by employers as giving you an advantage; they are simply expected as part of a complete preparation for the working world. That is why American Studies Leipzig strongly encourages students to pursue an internship, and thus has created a Professional Development Module (SQM) for Internships for both the BA and MA.

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Internship Support

On top of the BA and MA internship modules that allow students to earn credit for working on their professional skills, American Studies Leipzig is offering an extraordinary amount of support for students seeking internships.

Areas of Internship Support


Pia Hamburger is the Internship Coordinator at American Studies Leipzig.

As Internship Coordinator, she manages the internship section of the ASL homepage and helps students who are interested in internships.

You can contact Pia at and/or see her during her consultation hours online by appointment.


Internship News