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Video: Picador Reading with Paul La Farge

You can now watch the Picador Reading with current Picador Professor Paul La Farge in its entirety on YouTube, link below:

Reading and Discussion with Picador Professor Paul La Farge

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[VIDEO] Picador Professor Justin Torres Discusses his Novel and Writing Process

You can now watch the video from Picador Professor Justin Torres' reading at the link below: 


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Picador Professor Paul La Farge Discusses and Reads from His Upcoming Novel

On November 22, current Picador Professor Paul La Farge read from his upcomming novel The Night Ocean. The reading was held at the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst and saw up to 60 guests in attendance, including the US Consulate General Scott Riedmann who held opening remarks. The event was moderated by Diane Hielscher.


ASL Director, Crister S. Garrett, Discusses Implications of Donald Trump’s Election at Phoenix Runde

American Studies Leipzig Director, Crister S. Garrett, was invited to phoenix Runde to discuss the implications of Donald Trump’s election as the next President of the United States.

Other participants in the discussion round were:
– Julius van de Laar (Policy Adviser)
– Prof. Susan Neiman (Philosopher, Einstein-Forum)
– Roger Johnson (Republicans Overseas Vice President Eastern Europe)


ASL Director Crister Garrett, Interviewed by Several Radio Stations about Election Outcome

On October 9, American Studies director, Crister S. Garrett, was interviewed by several radio stations about the outcome of the presidential elections 2016. Professor Garrett talked about how Donald Trump meets the zeitgeist and mobilized more voters than Hillary Clinton. Just like Brexit, Trump’s winning shows the dissatisfaction many Americans feel. But foresighted, Donald Trump is not the only decision maker as the president but has to work together with Congress.


“Eine Generationenaufgabe”: Director Crister Garrett in Die Zeit on the US Election

American Studies Leipzig Director, Crister S. Garrett, wrote an article for Zeit Online on the election of Donald Trump as the new President of the United States, transatlantic politics, and nationalist populism.

You can find the article here.


“Trump und das Versagen der Demokraten”: Director Crister S. Garrett in Tagesspiegel

American Studies Leipzig Director, Crister S. Garrett, wrote an article for Tagesspiegel about the future of American politics after the election of Donald Trump as the new President of the United States.

Read the article here.


57. DOK Festival: Films on the Myth of America

From October 27 to November 2, 2014, The 57. DOK Leipzig (57th International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film) will showcase more than 360 international productions in the genres of animation and documentary. A selection of these films will address the "Myth of America" through a variety of tropes, exploring personal history in New York City, the significance of barbed wire in the American West, and the politics of surveillance in the context of Edward Snowden.


MDR Info Interviews ASL About Political Crisis in Washington DC

MDR Info, the main news radio station for the Mitteldeutschland region, conducted a live interview with American Studies Leipzig on Saturday, October 12, about the ongoing political crisis in Washington DC involving the federal government being closed and the country rapidly heading to defaulting on paying its debts.


ASL in National News as Part of Coverage on Boston Attack

American Studies Leipzig was part of the German coverage of the Boston Marathon terrorist attack, being involved in tv and radio specials. The noted news program PHOENIX-Runde had Crister Garrett join other guests in a live show shortly after the attack to assess what would be the policy implications, and the possible further course of the American public reaction to the violence. The show can be watched on the PHOENIX youtube channel.
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