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New Category and Upcoming Workshop

New Portal Category on "Diversity"

Under the category "US in the Classroom," we have added a fifth glossary on "Diversity," which includes content on various topics ranging from race, ethnicity, gender, and class to age, religion, and nationality. We have also continued working on adding new content that you can implement in your classes as well as working on the overall accessibility of our portal.

Information and Invitation "Poetics of Politics"

In less than one week scholars of American studies will meet in Leipzig to discuss political and poetic notions in texts from literature, film, non-fiction, television, and new media. Analyzing the crossroads of contemporary American literary and political cultures, the conference wants to shed light on the textual dynamics by which texts in and across the realms of literature, culture, and politics negotiate political issues and assert their own social relevance.

Material for Upcoming Conference

With the conference "Poetics of Politics: Textuality and Social Relevance in Contemporary American Literature and Culture" approaching, we have uploaded some material for teachers who might be interested in attending.

Newsletter on: Picador Reading and Upcoming Conference

As summer is approaching, we would like to draw your attention to two  great events in the upcoming weeks:

First of all, our Picador reading with Calvin Baker, that is part of the Picador Professorship. More information on the next Picador reading: americanstudies.uni-leipzig.de/content/picador-reading-calvin-baker

Newsletter on: Picador Professor, MOOC Lecture, Copyright, Conference

New Picador Professor Calvin Baker

American Studies Leipzig is honored to announce New York-based writer Calvin Baker as the holder of the Picador Guest Professorship for Literature in the summer term of 2013. Besides teaching two classes at our institute, Professor Baker will also be available for readings and other public events in the upcoming months (soon to be announced).

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