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Tag der offenen Hochschultür: B.A. and M.A. in American Studies

American Studies presents its B.A. and M.A. programs at "Tag der offenen Hochschultür"

Meet American Studies faculty and students, and learn about the B.A. and M.A. programs offered by the Institute at the "American Studies Open House," January 11, 9-12 am, Beethovenstr. 15, room 2516.

Feel free to view pictures of last year's American Studies Open House online.



New Picador Professorship Block Seminar

The Picador Professorship for Literature Invites You to Join the Seminar "Modern American Fiction"

This seminar offers students the unique opportunity to discuss a diverse selection of 20th-century US-American fictions in ways that unite literary scholarship with the viewpoint of a leading young writer working in the English language.


Terminverschiebung bzw. -änderung Abschlussprüfung Prof. Koenen

Aus Krankheitsgründen können die mündlichen Literaturabschlussprüfungen von Frau Prof. Koenen zu den ursprünglich geplanten Terminen (12. und 13. Februar 2007) nicht stattfinden. Alternativ werden Prüfungstermine bei Frau Dr. Kanzler vom 12. bis 14. Februar 2007 angeboten.

Studenten, die bereits einen Termin bei Frau Prof. Koenen vereinbart haben, werden dringend gebeten, sich im Sekretariat zu melden zwecks erneuter Terminabsprache.


Prof. Anne Koenen's classes and office hours cancelled

For health-related reasons, Prof. Anne Koenen's classes and office hours in
January have to be cancelled. Students in her classes should check their
Lehrbox-course-pages and their e-mail for any news.


First Picador Professor Arrives in Leipzig

Tristan Hughes, First Holder of the Picador Professorship for Literature, Arrives in Leipzig

On Wednesday, January 3rd, Tristan Hughes arrived in Leipzig as the first holder of the Picador Professorship for Literature. The acclaimed Canadian-Welsh author will stay in Leipzig for the current semester to teach literature from the perspective of a practicing writer who also holds a PhD in American Literature.


MDR Radio Interviews ASL About Baker-Hamilton Report

American Studies, Leipzig. 7 December 2006.


Townhall Meeting about New MA in American Studies

American Studies, Leipzig. 3 December 2006.

Wechsel in den MA American Studies?

Im WS 2007/08 startet an der Uni Leipzig der M.A.-Studiengang American Studies. Er gehört damit nicht nur zu den ersten M.A.-Studiengängen dieser Fachrichtung in Deutschland überhaupt, er arbeitet auch mit einem einzigartigen Konzept amerikakundlicher Lehre, das sich durch seine Projektorientierung und Interdisziplinarität auszeichnet.


ASL Dies Academicus Lecture on Aging and Identity

American Studies, Leipzig. 30 November 2006.

On 1 December Professor Roberta Maierhofer from the University of Graz will hold a lecture on aging and identity as reflected in American culture. The full title of the lecture is:

Der gefährliche Aufbruch zum Selbst:
Frauen, Altern und Identität in der amerikanischen Kultur


ASAA Joins American Author Dave King for Reading in Leipzig

American Studies, Leipzig. 20 November 2006.

On November 16, the ASAA (American Studies Alumni Association) had invited to a literary event with American writer Dave King, who read from his novel The Ha-Ha. A story about the experience of war, about disability, silence, and endurance, The Ha-Ha was published in 2005 to much critical acclaim and soon became a national bestseller. The excerpts that were read by King brought to live a markedly American voice, rich with nuances and complex characters.

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