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Prof. Garrett's office hours canceled on January 15 and 22

Prof. Garrett's office hours are canceled on Thursdays, January 15 and 22.


FSR Newsletter #11

Dear students!

This is the latest FSR Newsletter.


Picador Guest Professor Nancy Kress Reads on Jan 8

American Studies Leipzig cordially invites you to join Picador Guest Professor Nancy Kress's public reading on 8 January, 8pm, at the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig.

On January 8, 8pm, Nancy Kress will read her story "Patent Infringement" at the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig. Julia Kastein (MDR) will moderate the discussion with graphic artist and director Schwarwel and the audience. The reading will be accompanied by live DJ music (DJ Haircut, Ilses Erika).


Talk on Lawyer Characters in U.S. Literature & Culture on Jan 6

American Studies Leipzig cordially invites you to join a talk by Katja Kanzler entitled "Ethik und Erzählkunst: Zur Figur des Anwalts in ausgewählten Texten der U.S.-amerikanischen Literatur und Kultur."

The talk will explore the cultural role played by lawyer characters in selected texts of canonical literature as well as popular culture. It is part of Dr. Kanzler's Habilitationsverfahren and will be held in German.

Time: Tuesday, 6 January 2009, 5:15 pm
Place: GWZ, 5th floor, room 2516


Altered Office Hours for 5 to 8 January

The secretariate will have altered office hours from 5 to 8 January!

Monday, 5 January: 9.30am - 12.30am

Tuesday, 6 January: 1pm - 4pm

Wednesday, 7 January: 11.30 am - 2.30pm

Thursday, 8 January: 1pm - 4pm

Friday, 9 January: 9am - 12noon and 1pm - 4pm

Please check in for updates...


ASL Christmas Offline Message Board

Dear all!

ASL wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year.

And thanks for all the great messages you left on our ASL Offline Message Board :)


2008 Christmas Bash: Christmas Cheer (and Crime) Enjoyed by All

Christmas Cheer (and Crime) Enjoyed by All.

American Studies, Leipzig. 18 December 2008.
At the annual ASL Christmas Bash, involving cooperation between the Institute and the American Studies Alumni Association, around sixty students, staff, alumni, and friends of ASL came together for a fun lecture, some good food and drink, and some good conversation.
Katja Schmieder talked about the roles of Christmas and crime in American fiction, and how ‘tis the season for merriment, and murder….

Instructions for Catherine Sharpe's classes LCI, M&T, SHP II, Proj. Module, and iCAN

Dear students!

Please read the follwing information if you attend one of the following classes.

LCI Mondays 9.15:

Outlines are in Anglistik Ausgabefächer box with Catherine's name on it (3rd floor; right next to the teachers' mail boxes), to be picked up any time GWZ doors are open. Essays (first drafts) written from these outlines due in next class.

LCI Thursdays 11.15:


Frank Usbeck's class and office hours canceled

Dear students!

Due to illness, Frank Usbeck's class and office hours are canceled on Friday, December 19.


Catherine Sharpe's classes and office hours canceled

Dear students!

Due to sickness, Catherine's office hours and all her classes are canceled in the week of December 15. As for details about the pick-up of your papers, she will either contact you by email/ Lehrbox, or there will be another post on this website. So please stay tuned.

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