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BA Module Registration Confirmation for the Wahlbereich

The lists of students accepted into American Studies Leipzig BA modules for their Wahlbereich is available for download as of now.


American Studies Offline Message Board

Complementing our very successful online communication platforms lehrbox and the ASL homepage, American Studies Leipzig now offers a new offline feature to the community: The first and only American Studies Offline Message Board ;)


Online at American Studies Leipzig - ASL Brings Wireless LAN to GWZ' 5th Floor

As of this semester, American Studies Leipzig is offering Wireless Lan Access to students in the seminar and conference room, and in the vicinity on the fifth floor of the GWZ (Beethovenstr. 15). The Wireless Lan technical infrastructure and bandwith is provided by the Rechenzentrum of the university and works through the same authentication mechanism the University Library (and the New Campus) offers.









Short Homepage Outages Today, Thu Oct 9, 11-14 hrs

Due to technical problems the University Rechenzentrum had during unusually high load peaks during the Wahlbereich selection, the American Studies Leipzig homepage has been periodically unavailable for time spans of a few minutes each, starting at 11am this morning. While the reasons for these problems lie outside the institute, we do apologize for the inconvenience caused by these malfunctions.


Student Orientation 2008

During the annual student orientation, the American Studies Leipzig community has welcomed the entering BA and MA classes of 2008. The welcoming events were complemented by orientation sessions for the BA '06 and BA '07 classes, as well as the Magister cohort in the program.


Hessischer Rundfunk Interviews ASL About Presidential Debate

American Studies, Leipzig. 8 October 2008.
Hessen Public Radio interviewed ASL for their morning news show regarding the second of three presidential debates to take place.

Room Change for iCAN Tutorial

The iCAN Tutorial (Wednesdays 9.15-10.45) will take place at Dresdner Bank SR 3-03.


Orientation 2008

On September 30 and 7/8/13 October American Studies will host its annual orientation days. The American Studies Orientation Days are meant to introduce new students to what is involved with pursuing a degree in American Studies, to the broader American Studies Community in Leipzig, and to help current students organize their studies for the coming semester (and beyond).


3rd year BA: Project Module

The following students are enrolled for the following Project Colloquia:

Colloquium 1 (Friday 1.15-2.45pm, Koenen)

1. Ulrike Lai

2. Michael Sasse

3. Anne Seyffert

4. Adina Klingner

5. Maja Liane Bartsch

6. Katja Mitteldorf

7. Desirée Schmidt

8. Fabrice Theil

9. Arian Borsitz

10. Anika Postel


Colloquium 2 (Monday 9.15-10.45am, Garrett)

1. Marco Garling

2. Elisa Schumann

3. Katharina Reimann


MDR Figaro Does Live Interview with ASL on Presidential Election

American Studies, Leipzig. 26 September 2008

MDR Figaro, the leading culture and news radio program for central Germany (Mitteldeutschland), did a live interview with ASL for its noon program on 26 September. Reporter Stefan Melk spoke with Crister Garrett about the financial crisis, what this would mean for the remainder of the campaign, implications for other central themes in transatlantic relations, and what we can expect regarding the planned debate tonight between John McCain and Barack Obama.

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