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Secretariat closed

The secretariat will be closed from November 20 to November 24.


Office Hours Dr. Kanzler in Week of 17 Nov.

My office hours in the week of 17 Nov. have to be re-scheduled from Monday to Tuesday, 18 Nov., 1-2pm.


Prof. Garrett's classes canceled

Due to business travel, Prof. Garrett's classes are canceled from November 12 to November 20.


Prof. Koenen's classes canceled

Due to sickness, Prof. Koenen's classes and office hours are canceled in the week of November 10.


Prof. Keil's Office Hours

Prof. Keil will hold office hours this Friday, November 14, from 10-11.30am.


Friederich Ebert Foundation Invites ASL to Election Analysis Forum

American Studies Leipzig. 7 November 2008.

The Friederich Ebert Foundation hosted a post-election analysis forum in Magdeburg that was attended by around 270 people and at which ASL played a central role as panel participant. The senior SPD Member of the Bundestag, Dr. Uwe Küster, moderated the event that involved a panel with representatives from academics, the German government, and the US Consulate in Leipzig.


American Studies Leipzig Election Wrapup

The evening after the 2008 presidential election, about 50-60 American Studies Leipzig students gathered for a two-hour discussion with Prof. Paul Rundquist. Rundquist talked about how political interventions such as the 1971 busing decision by the Supreme Court might have helped reduce racism, about the electoral map as it emerged after the election, the question of voter turn-out, and the role Obama's social networking platform and databases might play in the upcoming presidency.


Scheine for Ben Alpers' seminars

Scheine for Ben Alpers's seminars (SS 2008) should be ready for pick up in the week of November 10.


Phoenix TV Invites ASL to Discuss Election Results

American Studies Leipzig. 6 November 2008.

Phoenix TV, Germany’s premier TV station dedicated to news presentation and analysis, invited ASL to participate in its nightly news and analysis show “die Berliner Runde” to discuss the results of the American presidential election.


Post-Election Roundtable - Please Join Us!


The Day After: Analyzing the Election Results

A Roundtable with Professor Paul Rundquist

Wednesday, 5 November, 19:00-21:00

Dresdner Bank (am Dittrichring), Room 13

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