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I'm currently on a one-person study tour through the US to research the ongoing presidential elections. I will post larger, in depth-pieces to American Studies Leipzig's election blog and will use my personal blog below to report on the everyday encounters. More information on my journey is also available in this news item. Please enjoy reading, and please comment or ask questions.


Module Registration Summer Semester 2018

The online course registration for Kernfach/Wahlfach/BA International Track AND Wahlbereich students for the summer semester 2018 starts on 28 March (noon). For parallel courses, choose early to get the seat you want.

You must enroll via TOOL at: https://almaweb.uni-leipzig.de/einschreibung

For further information please consult our course catalog and the attached registration information sheet.


Course Catalog Summer 2018

The course catalog for the upcoming semester (summer 2018) is available now.

Please be aware that these pages will be updated throughout the break and the semester.


Next Picador Professor Rajesh Parameswaran

American Studies Leipzig is proud to announce Rajesh Parameswaran as our next Picador Guest Professor for Literature. He will hold the professorship in the summer term of 2018.


Picador Seminars by Rajesh Parameswaran in the Summer Term 2018

As part of his tenure in the summer term of 2018, Picador Professor Rajesh Parameswaran will teach two classes at American Studies Leipzig.

Americans Abroad

Tuesdays, 5-7pm, GWZ 2.5.16


Spring 2018 Internship at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, Berlin

The German Marshall Fund of the United States Berlin Office (GMF Berlin) is seeking a young academic, ideally engaged in Political Science, International Relations, or another related field. The internship offers an ideal opportunity to acquire substantive professional experience for those interested in working in an international, knowledge-sharing environment with world experts on political issues. The internship will begin on March 12, 2018 and last for 3 month. This is a part-time position with 20hrs/week, preferably Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The internship is compensated with 225€/month. The application deadline is February 28, 2018.


Apply Now - Various Internship Opportunities available in Houston

Leipzig-Houston e.V. encourages personal and cultural encounters between the citizens of Leipzig and Houston, aiming to increase a sustainable cooperation between the two sister cities. Working jointly with its American counterpart, Sister City Association Houston-Leipzig, the organization implements school partnerships, as well as cultural and sport events.

Leipzig-Houston e.V. also offers exchange programs to Houston for citizens of Leipzig, including internship opportunities for students. Internships may last from 2 weeks up to six month and can be conducted in a variety of cultural, economic, and social fields in and around Houston.

Courses Summer 2018

Below please find our course catalog. We will update these pages throughout the break and the semester. Unless stated otherwise, classes start in the week of April  9, 2018.
Students are responsible for keeping track of updates on actual course dates (some are alternating).


BA Courses

Society, History, Politics I (04-001-1002)

Module Coordinator: Crister S. Garrett

This module is meant to provide students with an interdisciplinary and integrated introduction to key developments and themes in the history, politics, and society of the United States from the colonial period to the conclusion of the Civil War. Beyond becoming acquainted with important aspects of American life, the module is meant to provide students with repeated exercises and practice in analytical thinking and expression, both in written and oral form.


Introduction to Linguistics for American Studies (04-001-1003)

Module Coordinator: Dr. Sylvia Reuter (Anglistik)

Die Vorlesung "Einführung in die synchrone Linguistik" führt ein in die Grundlagen der modernen englischen Sprachwissenschaft und gibt einen Überblick über die wesentlichen Teilgebiete der Disziplin. Das Seminar "Systemlinguistik" vertieft das in der Vorlesung "Einführung in die synchrone Linguistik" vermittelte Wissen aus den Bereichen Morphologie, Phonetik/Phonologie, Semantik und Syntax mit spezifischer Relevanz für das moderne amerikanische Englisch. Die Übung "Geschriebener Akademischer Diskurs" macht mit Form, Funktion, Entwicklung, Struktur und Stil englischer Textelemente als Basis des akademischen Essays vertraut. 


Literature & Culture II (04-001-1007)

Module Coordinator: Prof. Carsten Junker

The module builds on and advances the knowledge and skills students acquired in the introductory module “Literature & Culture 1.” It acquaints students with major issues, concepts, and theories involved in the study of literature and (popular) culture. The module explores the canon debate and its implications for the study of U.S.-American literature and culture. In addition, it introduces students to exemplary modes and genres of literature and culture, and to their reflection in scholarship.


The Anglo-American World in a Global Context (04-001-1008)

Module Coordinator: Dr. Katja Schmieder

This module is meant to provide students with a deeper understanding of how the United States and Great Britain/Ireland relate to each other and other countries that together make up what is often referred to as the “Anglo-Saxon tradition”. Especially in the wake of contemporary globalization but certainly during earlier periods of mobility, exchange, and discovery the concept of an Anglo-American world held great sway in many corners of the globe. Indeed, for much of continental Europe today, “the Anglo-American world” provides a basic compass for understanding fundamental developments in politics, economics, and culture. This module is meant to provide students with a more sophisticated understanding of how the United States and Great Britain have perceived and influenced each other historically and currently, and also to provide a deeper understanding of what the “Anglo-American world” means during our current period of global change.


Society, History, and Politics III (04-001-1010)

Module Coordinator: Crister S. Garrett

This module is meant to provide students with the opportunity to engage in-depth selected societal, historical, and political themes that have shaped and shape the United States. Issues will be explored in terms of basic questions relating to American identity, the nature of power in American society, the negotiation of forms of consensus, and how American dynamics influence the country’s exercise of power and transcultural undertakings in the international arena.


Literature & Culture III (04-001-1011)

Module Coordinator: Dr. Sebastian Herrmann

The module aims to deepen students’ knowledge of U.S. literature and culture, and of the methods and theories involved in their study. Two seminars allow students to explore exemplary themes and discourses in literary and cultural studies. A tutorial assists students in advancing their academic writing skills so as to master the module’s advanced writing assignments.


Ethnicity and Diversity in US Culture II:  Multicultural and Multilingual America

The objective of this module is to deepen students‘ knowledge of the ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity of the United States and of the theories and tools to analyze this diversity. Two seminars - one focusing on the study of ethnic minorities and one on the US as a multilingual nation - will enable students to develop their skills in discussing specific historical and cultural developments related to the multiethnic United States on an acadermic level.

Module Coordinator: Prof. Gabriele Pisarz-Ramírez


BA Professional Skills Module “Creative Writing: Envisioning America”
(04-001-1020 | 5 Credits)

Wednesday, 3.15 - 4.45 pm, GWZ 3 5.15
Rajesh Parameswaran (Picador Guest Professor)

Seminar: Short Story Workshop
Wednesday, 3.15 - 4 pm, GWZ 3 5.15

Tutorial: Creative Writing
Wednesday, 4 - 4.45 pm, GWZ 3 5.15

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