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McCain-Obama, amusing ourselves to death?

So, according to the New York Times Caucus Blog, John McCain proposed to Barack Obama to "join him in 10 joint town-hall-style meetings in which the likely Republican and Democratic nominees could discuss the issues this summer." The NYT goes on to report that McCain claims to have gotten the idea from an agreement between "President Kennedy and Senator Barry Goldwater to fly around the country together to debate the issues."

According to an update on the blog,

Professional Paths

Our Alumni contribute essentially to the visibility of American Studies Leipzig beyond the University. They have careers in a wide range of fields and areas - from local cultural institutions, to public relations work in national and international organizations and firms. While some of them work successfully outside academia, others continue their academic careers at universities throughout Europe or the US.

Alumni & Networking

The years spent at university are like any other chapter in one's life: unique, but integrated into a larger biography. Alumni associations help students and graduates maintain the unique experiences of university and their personal meaning. In doing so, alumni associations allow their members not only to help maintain important personal networks but also to build important professional networks that can provide tips, contacts, advice, and a highly valuable forum for exchanging ideas and career experiences.

Getting Involved

Employers of all stripes - private sector, public sector, non-profits, education, cultural institutions - are all looking for a certain type of "package" in a person they seek to hire: someone with good academic training, a solid base of knowledge, developed professional skills, and individual initiative as expressed in engagement with some sort of "extracurricular" activity, or community service.

Humboldt Meets Dewey

In the website section on The Leipzig Model, we define briefly how American Studies Leipzig embraces both "The Humboldtian Ideal" and "Dewey Pragmatism" to build a unique liberal arts education program.

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