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Start of the summer lecture series! Obama 2.0: The Famous First 100 Days - What Is Really Changing?

18. Apr 17:00 - 19:00
ASL will kick off the summer lecture series of 2013 with a talk by Prof. Paul Rundquist titled "Obama 2.0: The Famous First 100 Days - What Is Really Changing?" Started by Frankin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression, the "100 Days Program" has become part of the global political lexicon to define and assess how a new adminstration seeks to engage energetically large and pressing problems in both domestic and international affairs.

ASL discussed Obama's Inauguration with Experts on US Politics

On January 22, 2013, one day after President Obama took his second oath of office, ASL saw a full house for its inauguration event. In a packed seminar room, Prof. Crister Garrett welcomed US Consul General Mark J. Powell and Prof. Paul S. Rundquist to speak about and discuss “Obama 2.0.” Mark J. Powell has served as a professional American diplomat in Central and South America, Europe, and the Middle East. Professor Paul S. Rundquist worked for some thirty years at the Congressional Research Service in the Library of Congress.



MDR Info Interviews ASL About President Obama and Nobel Prize

MDR Info, the main source for radio news in the Mitteldeutschland region, interviewed American Studies Leipzig about President Obama’s winning the Nobel Peace Prize and the very mixed reactions in the United States about the award. Crister Garrett noted that the President himself stressed in his first official response to the announcement that he felt he did not deserve the prize, but accepted the honor that it bestows.


Get Out the Vote in Virginia Beach

In einigen Minuten mach ich mich auf den Weg von Virginia Beach. Übers Wochenende werde ich für das Obama Camp in Süd Virginia unterwegs sein. Was ich da genau mache, weiss ich noch nicht. Heute Abend gibt's einen Workshop in dem uns erklärt wird, was wir machen sollen.


NYT: Following the Script: Obama, McCain and The West Wing

I knew it... Today the New York Times featured an article that describes the similarities of the last two seasons of "The West Wing" and the current presidential election. It's stunning and if you haven't seen the series yet, you should, it's fabulous.

When Eli Attie, a writer for “The West Wing,” prepared to plot some episodes about a young Democratic congressman’s unlikely presidential bid, he picked up the phone and called David Axelrod.


What If Obama Loses?

The polls have been very clear over the last couple of months: An Obama victory on November 4th seems very likely according to the pollsters. Some commentators have even started talking about the possibility of a landslide. And they have good reason to speculate, states that haven't voted for a Democrat for President in decades are suddenly in play. Even Georgia is getting close.


"Unbelievable McCain Vs. Obama Dance-Off"

Here is an entertaining video I just found through the Huffington Post. I dedicate this to all Hip Hop Awareness activists. To check it out, click here.


Debate Season Looms

Eight quick thoughts on the arrival of debate season….


They're Called Convention Bounces for a Reason


For those of you new to the dynamics of U.S. presidential elections, the Democratic and Republican Conventions each tend to create a “convention bounce”: an increase in the poll numbers for their candidate and his party.  The size of these bounces varies from year to year and convention to convention, but the reasons for their existence are clear.  While conventions were once where presidential candidates were actual chosen, where party leaders entered the infamous smoke-filled rooms and hashed out the deals that would give someone the majority (or in the case of the Democrats before the 1930s the supermajority) of the delegates necessary to secure the nomination, since the 1970s, there has been little real drama about who will emerge as the parties’ nominees once the conventions role around.

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