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Goodbye, Athens

     My time of saying goodbye to Athens, OH becomes more and more reality. I had my last performance for my play a week ago and afterwards helped a bit with another production to get in cheaper, which ended this weekend.


The Nature Post

      No blog about living in Athens would be complete without talking about the nature surrounding the city.


The Chicago Life

I have packed up my belongings in Athens and made my way to the windy city - the City of Chicago. I am here to do an internship during the summer with a recruiting company that specifies on finding personnel for European subsidiaries in the U.S. I am working in a truly international environment, with co-workers from France, Canada, Sweden, Germany and yes, the U.S.


IMPACT is an outreach event organized by OU sororities, for high school students before their prom. The main purpose of IMPACT is to educate and alert students of drug abuse and drunk driving.

Finals and my Internship

   The feared final season wasn't such a big deal at all in the end. Since I already finished up one GLC course pretty early in the semester with the presentation in Cincinnati,  only two courses remained, another GLC course and my International Relations course.

Cincinnati – Here I come

   My first semester at OU is nearing its end and I don't even know how time could go by so fast.

Progressive OU

In a faraway land, hidden between thickest bushes and the highest trees, lies… Athens.

This hinterlandish introduction shall however not lead you to think that we are off the track and disconnected with larger society. No, no, we are in fact, a progressive little town (mind you, I associate myself as belonging here, but this has really only started since we have stayed above the 15°C mark).

OU shows that in many ways. Two of them I would like to introduce to you now: our energy generating gym and our transgender restrooms.

Spring Break and How to Live the Good Life in Athens

Even though I met a lot of cool people in the first few weeks of the semester it wasn't easy to stay in contact with them or find times to do things together.


OU Career Resource Center

One of the wonderful resources that I have made great use of at OU is the Career Center. As their name says, they offer anything related to your career: from identifying possible career options, to finding job openings on the Bobcat CareerLink, cover letter and resume writing, on to interviewing on skype/phone/in person and the final steps such as salary negotiations and dining etiquette with your new boss.

The Textbook Mafia

When I started researching for this blog entry for which I had a title in mind already, I was amused to find someone else has chosen the exact same words to discuss today's topic: 

the Textbook Mafia, or as some call it:
the University bookstore

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