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Saturday Night Life: Hillary Clinton vs. Sarah Palin Parodie

Die Saison-Premiere der Comedy Sendung "Saturday Night Life (SNL)" war ein Paukenschlag. Mit einer Paradie der Republikanischen Vizepräsidentschaftskandidation Sarah Palin und Hillary Clinton haben die Macher von SNL einen Volltreffer gelandet. Nach der Erstausstrahlung des Sketches, wurde dieser in unzähligen Nachrichtensendungen wiederholt ausgestrahlt.


McCain's VP Pick, Clinton Supporters, & the Hard Fight Ahead

McCain's VP pick again underscores how hard the Democrats will have to work over the next 143 days to reunite their party with upset Clinton supporters. At the same time, Obama's acceptance speech, watched by 38 million Americans (!), showed how many people he can inspire. Still, a large portion of Americans are very skeptical of him and his background.


The Terrymania is Over

Terry McAuliffe, former Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton for President committee chair, will be very much missed on the campaign trail now that Hillary Clinton has suspended her candidacy. The always forward looking McAuliffe was persistant in delivering and staying on message. Today the New York Times wrote:

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