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Call for Applications: BA American Studies with Transatlantic Capstone Program and Project Year

Thanks to a very generous grant from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Institute for American Studies at Universität Leipzig is able to offer two scholarships to select BA American Studies students to study at Ohio University during the 2010-2011 academic year. The scholarship will cover tuition, health insurance, air travel, and provide a sizable living stipend.

To apply, American Studies students must be in their second year of the BA American Studies program.


Pictures Published on the Huffington Post

Some of my pictures got published on the Huffington's Post campaign blog "Off the Bus." To see them, click here.


What If Obama Loses?

The polls have been very clear over the last couple of months: An Obama victory on November 4th seems very likely according to the pollsters. Some commentators have even started talking about the possibility of a landslide. And they have good reason to speculate, states that haven't voted for a Democrat for President in decades are suddenly in play. Even Georgia is getting close.


Ohio Update (Video)

I know that there are Americans, who still believe that Obama is a muslim and there will always be some. Racism will probably always exist to some extend. And I won't forget a conversation I had with a local in Ohio. who implied the possibility that Obama is the anti christ. I should be used to this, but nevertheless, I found this video rather  disturbing: 


Visiting the Battleground State Ohio

The election campaign was far more visible on the campus of Ohio State University (OSU) in Columbus than in Kansas or Oklahoma. But that comes as no surprise since Ohio is one of the key battleground states in this years’ election. In 2004, Ohio won Bush Jr. his second term. But a lot of questions were raised about the validity of the process. One of the documentaries that takes a look at the role of the Buckeye state Ohio in the 2004 election is “So Goes the Nation.”

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