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 Internship and Career 


Internship Workshop on November 25

The intership workshop is designed to prepare BA and MA students, who are interested in doing an internship as part of their studies. In the workshop students will learn how to find the right internship, how to apply for financial support, internships in the US, how to prepare for an internship, and how to get credits for it. Additionally, the workshop will present
ASL internship partnership programs.


Room Change for Internship Workshop

The Intership Workshop on Wednesday Nov. 25 will take place in room 2.516 of the GWZ .


In Retrospect: ASAA Professional Roundtable - Nov. 4

On November 4th, the ASAA brought together current and former ASL students for a discussion of career opportunities. Alumni Kirsten Joerss (DHL) and Jan Saeger (Siemens) advised current ASL students concerning career paths in business communication and marketing. The next ASAA Professional Roundtable will take place on January 6, 2010, from 3 to 5 pm at ASL. For a detailed announcement of the event, please check back later. 

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