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ASL's Stefan Schubert Discussed Environmental Storytelling at LNC

On May 11, 2019, the HTWK Leipzig hosted the 13th "Lange Nacht der Computerspiele" (LNC), displaying a variety of video and computer games in numerous booth and rooms and inviting guests to interact with these games. As part of the LNC, a newly founded initiative called lalalab, which aims to celebrate the cultural potentials of video games, was also inaugurated with a festival within the festival, the SpielKulturLabor.


ASL's Stefan Schubert Talks about Gender Roles in Westerns and Soap Operas

On April 16, ASL's Stefan Schubert talked to a crowd of about 50 people about gender and genre in film and television, in a presentation titled "Von Lonesome Cowboys und Desperate Housewives: Geschlechterdarstellungen im US-Fernsehen." In his talk, Schubert discussed genres as mixtures between formal and cultural conventions and especially highlighted the cultural work that they do, tracing generic allegiances between the prototypical American genre of the Western and contemp


Deutschlandfunk Interviews ASL About Obama's Growing Scandals

German Public Radio (Deutschlandfunk) interviewed ASL live yesterday during its Noon News Report about the growing scandals impacting the Obama administration. Reporter Sandra Schulz spoke with Crister Garrett about the breaking AP-investigation, the IRS examination of Tea Party documents, and the controversy swirling around what the White House really knew and when about the attacks on the American embassy in Libya last year.

ASL discussed Obama's Inauguration with Experts on US Politics

On January 22, 2013, one day after President Obama took his second oath of office, ASL saw a full house for its inauguration event. In a packed seminar room, Prof. Crister Garrett welcomed US Consul General Mark J. Powell and Prof. Paul S. Rundquist to speak about and discuss “Obama 2.0.” Mark J. Powell has served as a professional American diplomat in Central and South America, Europe, and the Middle East. Professor Paul S. Rundquist worked for some thirty years at the Congressional Research Service in the Library of Congress.



ASL and Fulbright Celebrate 60 Years of German-American Exchange

On December 6, 2012, American Studies Leipzig, the Fulbright Commission in Berlin, and the US Consulate in Leipzig celebrated 60 years of German-American higher education exchange thanks to the Fulbright Program at an afternoon symposium. Entitled, "Diversity, Economic Change, and Employment: The Transatlantic Laboratory," the symposium brought together some 75 Fulbright alumni, current fellows, students, staff, and professors from the United States and Germany.



MDR Figaro Interviews ASL About Implications of New Health Insurance Law

The leading news and culture radio show for the tri-state region of Mitteldeutschland, MDR Figaro, interviewed ASL about the implications of the historical vote in Congress to approve a new health insurance system for American citizens. Journalist Thomas Biddle asked Crister Garrett just how significant this victory was for the President, what it could imply for the rest of his agenda, and if voters could possible punish the President in the upcoming mid-term Congressional elections.


Hessischer Rundfunk Interviews ASL About New Health Care Law

Hesse Public Radio (Hessischer Rundfunk) interviewed ASL live today to help listeners understand the significance of the vote in the House of Representatives in favor of the proposed new structures for health insurance in the United States. Report Gerd Kuhn asked Crister Garrett just how historic this victory is and if it was not a “Phyrric” victory in that Democrats could now lose a lot of support in the upcoming Congressional elections.


Hessischer Rundfunk Interviews ASL About First Year of Obama Presidency

Hessischer Rundfunk spoke with American Studies Leipzig to assess the first year of the Obama Presidency. Reporter Susanne Schwarzenberg asked what are the larger changes the President has brought about, why his popularity seems to continue to decline, and whether one can give him a “1.0 or a 2.0”. Crister Garrett noted that the President has done a lot to improve America’s image in the world, has launched a new era of diplomatic engagement, and has managed to stabilize the national economy and thus the world economy.


MDR Figaro Interviews ASL About Turbulence Facing Obama Administration

MDR Figaro, a leading culture and news radio program for the Mitteldeutschland region (Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia), interviewed American Studies Leipzig about the current political turbulence facing the administration of President Obama. Reporter Vladimir Baltzar asked if the American people are becoming increasingly disenchanted with the President and if even his own party is beginning to distance itself from the Obama White House.


MDR Figaro Interviews ASL About President Obama’s Nobel Prize

MDR Figaro, a leading culture and news radio program for the Mitteldeutschland region (Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia) interview American Studies Leipzig about the significance of President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize. Crister Garrett noted that only about thirty percent of Americans think the President truly earned the prize, in short not just Republicans but Democrats too. Overall the prize comes at a critical time in the Obama presidency, a period where American voters are still deeply insecure about the economy and very worried about the war in Afghanistan.

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