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 The Picador Guest Professorship for Literature 

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The Picador Professorship for Literature at the University of Leipzig is unique in Germany. Located at the university's American Studies Program and based on a partnership between the Veranstaltungsforum der Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, the DAAD, and the University of Leipzig, it combines elements of a writers-in-residence program, creative writing programs, and university learning. The Picador Professorship for Literature brings leading young writers of English language literature to Leipzig and Mitteldeutschland, thereby providing students with a chance to work with 'practitioners' of literature. It thus also engages in and fosters a vivid exchange about the relationship between literature, language, and culture, especially as they shape society's negotiation of diversity and difference.

Current Picador Professor Paul La Farge

In the Winter Term of 2016/17, the Picador Chair for Literature will be held by Paul La Farge. Read more about Professor La Farge on his faculty page.

Former Picador Professors for Literature

Since the inauguration of the Picador Professorship in early 2007, American Studies Leipzig has been proud and honored to host the following Picador Guest Professors for Literature:

Picador Chair Related News, Events, and Activities

Meet the Picador Professor for Literature

American Studies Leipzig is very much interested in organizing Picador Professorship Events (readings, round tables, panel discussions, etc.) with local, regional, and national partners. If you are interested in inviting Paul La Farge for such events, please contact the American Studies Leipzig Picador Coordinator Stefan Schubert (email: stefan.schubert@uni-leipzig.de, phone: +49 (341) 97 37 334) directly.


The Picador Guest Professorship for Literature is proud to cooperate with

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