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 Yes, you can CHANGE the color and style of your hair 

Submitted by Claudia Müller, MA on Fri, 08/08/2008 - 13:28

You may have noticed it. Or you might have read about it being noticed: Barack Obama's hair seems to be getting grayer each week. And in general – don't you underestimate the importance of hair in politics...

Concerning the hair of presidential candidate Barack Obama, people started speculating about whether

  1. Obama first colored his hair dark and now stopped doing so,
  2. Obama started to color his hair gray during his campaign or
  3. whether this is just a natural process and
  4. what's the reason for the CHANGE, be it natural or artificial.

I reviewed some of the speculation. The explanations for Obama's change of hair color range from

  1. 'he didn't change anything, it is just different photos and video, always using different sources of light' to
  2. 'he did it intentionally, to first attract young voters and to now look gray, serious and wise and thus be appealing to more skeptical people and to older voters,' or to
  3. the less spectacular 'he is just stressed which results in grayer hair.'

Anyone interested in the hairy subject, here are some observations and pictures about Barack Obama's change of hair color:

But not everybody is just concerned with Obama's hair color: Lance Winslow on EZine@rticles wants Obama to fire his hair stylist and to get another haircut, because now, "Obama disses [his viewers] with that hairdo."

A very different and unique haircut is this one shown on iReport.com - the ultimate "Obama hair cut":

Obama Hair Cut

Besides discussing Barack Obama's hair, people seem to be very much interested in the hairstyles of Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama:

Well, as you see, hairstyles will be one of the really important factors in this upcoming election.

And to all the people who think this is just a minor issue – Lance Winslow knows that

it does matter to many people in the salon industry and if he [Obama] wants their votes, and they are influencers, he needs to get a better hair style going.

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