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 ASL and Deutsche Bank Leipzig Open Houston Photo Exhibition 

Submitted by webmaster on Mon, 04/23/2007 - 17:00

Today, April 23, American Studies Leipzig and the Deutsche Bank have opened a photo exhibition of a 2006 Study Tour to Houston. The Deutsche Bank's main branch in Leipzig (Martin-Luther-Ring) has generously agreed to host the photo exposition put together by American Studies Leipzig students. In a brief ceremony, Mike Röseler of the Deutsche Bank and Hartmut Keil formally inaugurated the exhibition at 5pm.

The exhibition emerges from an American Studies Leipzig study tour to Houston during September 2006. The theme of the study tour and photo exhibit is "Volunteerism, Diversity, and Civic Engagement". It looks at the religious, ethnic, and myriad of other factors shaping Americas dynamic culture of civic volunteerism, or grass-roots community activism.
The study tour to Houston was organized and led by Professor Hartmut Keil, and the photo exhibit has come to fruition under his leadership.

Mike Röseler and Hartmut Keil
Mike Röseler and Hartmut Keil
Visitors looking at the photos
Images tagged exhibition opening
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