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200000 Hits for a Global Community

Over the last few years, Leipzig's American Studies homepage has evolved into a communications hub on American studies in the region. The frontpage alone has, as of this week, received 200'000 clicks since the homepage relaunch in May 2008. More importantly, over 70 of a total of approximately 470 registered users have subscribed to our automatic buzz newsletter and receive updates on new items on the page at least once a week.

To celebrate this success story, we have looked at where our users come from. If you are a registered user, you can enter your home region as part of your user profile. Visualizing this information gave us the map below. Note that this is not simply a map of our clicks, it is a map of our registered users! It is great to see that American Studies Leipzig is a truly international community already.



Homepage Update

On Oct 15, the American Studies Leipzig homepage underwent several upgrades, security-related and regular, to ensure future service quality. We apologize for a 15 minute downtime between 9:45 and 10 am, a rather unusual time slot as we usually perform updates Sunday night.


Short Homepage Outages Today, Thu Oct 9, 11-14 hrs

Due to technical problems the University Rechenzentrum had during unusually high load peaks during the Wahlbereich selection, the American Studies Leipzig homepage has been periodically unavailable for time spans of a few minutes each, starting at 11am this morning. While the reasons for these problems lie outside the institute, we do apologize for the inconvenience caused by these malfunctions.


Sign Up Today! Logins for New American Studies Leipzig Website Now Available

Logins to the new American Studies Website are now publicly available. Register today to be able to post comments and participate in the homepage's community building and communication effort.

Go to americanstudies.uni-leipzig.de/user/register to sign up.

For an overview of all updates and newsitems on the new American Studies Homepage, see americanstudies.uni-leipzig.de/homepage.


Change is in the Air. American Studies Leipzig Overhauls Homepage

You may or may not have noticed right away: The American Studies Homepage looks slightly different. Since its launch in 2006, our institute homepage has received wide praise for its looks and usability. For several weeks now, student aides and faculty have worked hard, to retain the style, layout, and workflows of the page while completely overhauling the underlying engine. Most prominently, Alexandra Pitzing deserves recognition for transforming way over 400 individual pages from the old to the new system.

We changed the engine mainly to lay the foundation for new, interactive features that we will implement in the future—we already do have some exciting ideas :) Check back in the next couple days for more on this!

For now, there are already two (fairly modest) benefits:

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