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 Martin Walter MA  

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Martin Walter

Room GWZ 3 5.04 | Phone: (0341) 97-37332
Office Hours: Thursday, 4pm-6pm in Room 3504




After having spent the first eighteen years of my life in a village near Magdeburg, I moved first to Cologne and then to Halle where I started to study American studies, political science and ethnology at the Martin-Luther-University. In 2004 I took part in an exchange program which allowed me to study one year at the Montana State University in Bozeman, MT. On my return to Germany I decided to finish my Magister degree in Leipzig, which I did in spring 2009. Since October 2009 I am working in various capacities at ASL.  


At ASL I teach BA-level American history survey classes (SHP I and SHP II). In class I encourage students to understand history as an interdisciplinary subject, closely linked to humanities and social sciences. History, understood in that way, should not be considered a mere retelling of past events but rather as an ever-changing process in which students can productively engage. I further make efforts to share my enthusiasm for transnational history and historiography with my students.  


Having studied three subjects at three universities, I naturally developed a wide range of academic interests. As a student I focused on topics such as colonial history, modernist literature, American history before World War I, Middle East politics and religious history, and transatlantic relations.
At the moment I am developing a topic for my dissertation, which will focus on the relationship of populism and globalization. This project endeavors to analyze populist ideology as well as populist political movements and their strategies of framing economic, political, and cultural change with the dichotomy of ‘the people’ and ‘the elites.’ Hopefully I will be able to show that populism has to be understood as a response to a more general sentiment of dislocation and a critical reaction to the internationalization of politics and economics.

Community Service

At ASL I am working in event planning and institute communications (including the publication of the annual institute magazine Connections). Additionally, I am the institute’s internship and service-learning coordinator. As part of these positions, I take an active interest in our students’ career planning, provide information on internships through the ASL website and a biannual workshop, and work together with partners inside the university and the broader community of Leipzig to make civic commitment a curricular activity at the University of Leipzig.   


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