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American Studies Leipzig works each day with the core assumption at America's leading universities: A program is only as good as the students it attracts, and the energy these students bring to a program.

This is especially true in terms of the teaching and research that can take place in any program. Dialogue in the classroom and creativity in research is only so innovative and dynamic as the ability and willingness of students to empower these pursuits.

That is why we include a section on Students under Faculty: To stress that in our liberal arts education philosophy at the core of the Leipzig Model for American Studies, Students are seen as an indispensable part of the pursuit of teaching and research. In short, Students are a core part of the program's Scholarly Team.

Below we have begun to present our students. This is a work in progress, so please be patient with us for a bit. This page is meant to illustrate the very special qualities held by the students participating in the American Studies Leipzig programs.

MA Students


Doctoral Students

  • Florian Bast
    Constructions of Agency in Selected Writings by Octavia Butler
  • Thorsten Burkhardt
    The Contemporary American Small-Town Gothic
  • Monia Dal Checco
    'Authenticity' and African American Autobiography
  • Anja Eifert
    US Public Diplomacy in Indonesia
  • Anne Grob
    Indigenous Postsecondary Institutions in the US and New Zealand: Responding to Individual and Community Needs
  • Franziska Kloth
    The Deconstruction of Good and Evil of Contemporary American Crime Series
  • Thomas Kolitsch
    Religion im Gesamtwerk Stephen Kings
  • Marie Löffler
    When the Margins Bite Back: Fantastic Re-conceptualizations of Interracial Relationships in Contemporary African American Women's Vampire Fiction
  • Claudia Müller
    The Image of the Fat Poor in Contemporary American Literature and Culture
  • Eleonora Ravizza
    Nostalgia for the Fifties in Contemporary American Popular Culture
  • Stefan Schubert
    Narrative Instability in Recent American Popular Culture


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