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 Affiliated Faculty 

Affiliated Faculty are colleagues from throughout the University of Leipzig with whom the Institute for American Studies cooperates to work on integrated and interdisciplinary teaching, research projects, and events dealing with contemporary subjects involving the United States in a transatlantic and global context. Affiliated faculty are also faculty on a longer leave and faculty who are not teaching at ASL anymore but who are still associated to the institute through various projects.

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Christopher Köhler

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Bethany A. Lerch, MLitt
Assistant Lecturer of American Studies


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Catherine Sharpe, BFA, RSA TEFL
Assistant Lecturer for American Studies
Office Hours: currently on leave


  • Professor Elmar Schenkel (Literature)
  • Professor Joachim Schwend (Cultural Studies)
  • Dr. Jürgen Ronthaler (Literature and Culture)
  • Professor Marcel Machill (Journalism)
  • Dr. Rebecca Pates (Political Science)
  • Professor Helena Flam (Sociology)
  • Professor Alfonso de Toro (Latin American Studies)
  • Professor Ulf Engel (African Studies)
  • Professor Mathias Middell (European Studies)
  • Professor Dr. Gert Pickel (Religious Studies)
  • Professor Thomas Rauscher (Law)


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