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 International Conference: Democracy and Difference in the "Pacific Century" 

Submitted by Eric W. Fraunholz on Thu, 06/18/2015 - 10:03
09. Jul 11:00 - 11. Jul 13:00

This conference seeks to bring together diverse scholars and a variety of other voices exploring the meaning of the trans­pacific in the context of trans­atlantic interactions and transnational American Studies. The bridging theme will be dialogues on difference and democracy as explored in diverse forms of expression, including literature, culture, knowledge construction, politics, economics, and the narrating of history. By thus “globalizing” the “Pacific Century” thematically, we seek to encourage a transnational and transcultural exhange that will help enrich a global commons debating the nature and articulations of democracy and difference. More specifically and in relation to American Studies, we seek to strengthen and broaden the exploration of trans­pacific themes among German and European scholars and other interested publics, as well as encourage theoretical discussions of transpacific studies in connection with transatlantic and hemispheric studies.

Please find the program attached to this page.

For more information, go to www.americanspace-leipzig.de

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