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past issues | 2010 | 2011

Even at a relatively small institute, there can be so much going on that you can lose track of all the exciting and important events, developments, and accomplishments.

We therefore created the American Studies Leipzig newsletter Connections. With Connections we want to connect our key goals and make clear how they fit together; and we want to connect to the broader community so that we are recognized as a dynamic public institution pursuing education, knowledge and professional training in diverse ways. We also want to tell this story to keep connected to you–our students, alumni, colleagues, and friends and supporters of the institute–in short, all of you who make up the American Studies Leipzig community.

The contents of Connections underscore what we consider to be the larger purpose of the institute: While the section “Scholars & Scholarship” is dedicated to the groundbreaking scholarship being conducted by our young faculty, “Students & Studies” shares the different forms of international excellence our students are pursuing and have achieved. The section “Transitions” emphasizes an important part of our mission at American Studies Leipzig, namely to foster a culture and infrastructure for support that helps students as they undertake important transitions from the university to the work world. Finally, “Community Dialog” shows how American Studies Leipzig works as a public institution committed to engaging the broader community, whether civil society groups, teachers, government institutions, and students of all ages.

On this site, you find the past issues of Connections as PDF files for download. Please let us know what you think: You can reach us at aslconnections@uni-leipzig.de. We would love to hear from you!

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