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 Alumni & Networking 

The years spent at university are like any other chapter in one's life: unique, but integrated into a larger biography. Alumni associations help students and graduates maintain the unique experiences of university and their personal meaning, and in doing so, allow members of an alumni association not just to help maintain important personal networks but also to build important professional networks that can provide tips, contacts, advice, and a highly valuable forum for exchanging ideas and career experiences.

Visit the ASAA website here.

American Studies Alumni Association

American Studies Leipzig created one of the first Alumni Association at the University of Leipzig, and indeed, among American Studies Programs in Germany. Founded in 1997, the American Studies Alumni Association (ASAA) works to strengthen the network of Alumni and to ensure enduring dialogue and cooperation between former students, the American Studies Institute, and its current students.


ASAA activities include:

  • Annual reception for the graduates of the American Studies Institute. graduation ceremony 2003
  • "ASAA Lecture Series": High-profile speakers offer their transatlantic perspectives on political, cultural or economic issues. Open to Alumni, students, and the public (recent lecturers include Karsten Voigt, Jeffrey Gedmin).
  • "After American Studies": Alumni report from their work experience and discuss strategies for career planning with students.
  • Alumni 'Stammtisch': Bringing together Alumni and students for activity and networking.


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