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 Citizenship & Career 

A university education is not primarily about getting a good job. The university experience is about empowering you to gain personal confidence, and abilities, so that you can pursue your dreams, and by doing so, enrich your community with your efforts. Following that path, a career for you will develop naturally. That is why we call this section citizenship and careers: by becoming a confident member of your community, however you care to define that community, you will be a citizen contributing in many different ways, including by pursuing a successful career.

It is this vision of the university experience that shapes how American Studies Leipzig defines university education, and how we seek to empower our students to become confident citizens thereby able to pursue exciting careers, world-wide. The key to this model is for students to think early and often about Getting Involved in both campus and community affairs, to build networks, improve skills, and gain many different experiences that encourage self-confidence. American Studies Leipzig helps enable this core element of university education with its "Humboldt Meets Dewey" philosophy embedded in the Professional Skills Modules (Schlüsselqualifikationsmodule).

Just as important, we introduce you to how that vision and you can stay connected to American Studies Leipzig with our Alumni Association, and thus enrich your life after university, and enrich the university experience for current students. In the section on Professional Paths, we provide you a flavor of how American Studies has helped a wide range of individuals pursue their personal goals, and thus their professional potential.

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