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 Sebastian M. Herrmann's blog 


LC-I Module Exam Results

Attached as a PDF file, please find the results of the Literature & Culture I module listed by student ID number. The document also contains important information about repeat opportunities and consultations. Please read it carefully.


UPDATE: Klausur Lehramtsmodul "Literatur und Kultur der USA"

The exam for the BA-level Lehramtsmodul will be held in HS 10 HS 7 on Thursday, Feb 10th, 11.15-12.45.


Reading by Picador Professor Nathalie Handal

American Studies Leipzig kindly requests the pleasure of your company at a reading by the current Picador Professor for Literature Nathalie Handal on January 13, 8 p.m. at the Skala Leipzig. The reading will be moderated by Annegret Richter (DOK Leipzig).


Lecture Exam Literature and Culture I

The exam for the LC-1 lecture will take place on 11 February at 2.30pm in HS 3.


Secretariat Closed this Week

Due to a lack of personnel the secretariat will have to remain closed the week of 8 November.

Thank you for your understanding.


Attention Firstyears: LC-1 Seminars and Tutorials Room Distribution

Thanks to special funding, we were able to double up one slot of each of the Literature & Culture 1 Seminars and Tutorials to respond to the enormous popularity of the module.

We are now offering additional capacity for our Tuesday 9-11 Tutorial slot and for the Thursday 1-3 Seminar slot. If you are a student in the Literature and Culture 1 module, please consult the attached PDF to determine the slot (and, by extension, the room) you have been assigned to.


Attention Firstyears: LC-1 Seminars and Tutorials Start in the Week of Oct. 18

Seminars and Tutorials for Literature and Culture I will start in the week of October 18. There are no seminars and tutorials for this module in the week of October 11.

Please note that the lecture will start in the week of October 11 as indicated.

Please keep checking back for more updates.


Sleeveless Discount on ASL Gear

Spreadshirt offers a discount on the guys and girls tanktops until 27 August. Simply enter "Schulterfrei" as your coupon code before checking out. Find other (non-discounted gear at: http://asl.spreadshirt.net).


Reading Recuperative Poetics on 6 August 8pm

Save the Date: August 6th, 8pm, "tipi" Gallery, Westwerk, Karl-Heine-Straße 93, Leipzig-Plagwitz


aspeers Calls for Contributions by 31 October 2010

aspeers has just published its new Calls for Papers. As of its fourth issue, aspeers will contain both a general and a topical section. The general section will showcase various outstanding academic work done on the MA level of American studies at European universities. The topical section will feature academic and art submissions organized around the theme of "Nature and Technology, Revisited."

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