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FSR: Vote on the Future of the Semesterticket!

Semesterticketbefragung 19.01.-26.01.

Vom 19.01.2012 bis zum 26.01.2012 gibt es eine erneute Semesterticketbefragung. Diese ist nötig geworden, weil sich die Faktenlage (d.h. die Höhe des Angebots der LVB) seit den Befragungen im letzten Jahr erheblich verändert hat.


Secretariat Closed

Due to illness, the secretariat will have to remain closed starting Monday, 5 December. We're sorry for the inconvenience.


Office Hours by S. Herrmann on 24 October

On 24. October, I will have to move my office hours by one hour to now be 5-6 pm. Sorry for the inconvenience.


LC-II Repeat Exams

Students who have signed up for the module exam of LC-II in the summer semester of 2011 and have failed the overall module exam are eligible to a repeat of this exam according to the following schedule:


Picador Classes to Start One Week Later

The seminars by Picador Guest Professor Porochista Khakpour will begin one week, i.e. in the week of 17. October.


aspeers Calls for Contributions by 30 October 2011

aspeers has just published its new Calls for Papers. Each issue contains both a general and a topical section. The general section of the 5 (2012) issue will showcase various outstanding academic work done on the MA level of American studies at European universities. The topical section will feature academic and art submissions organized around the theme of "American Food Cultures."


LC-III Presentation Grades

The grades for the LC-III presentations in the Hidden Truths seminar are as follows:



LC-II Presentation Grades

The grades for the group presentations in the LC-II seminars "Theorizing Popular Culture" and "Liminal Experiences" are as follows:



American Studies Leipzig Social Media

As of 1. April, the American Studies Leipzig homepage offers a new overview page to the institute's social media initiatives. This overview page can be reached via the social media tab on the right hand side of the asl start page.

Check it out to follow ASL via twitter or to like the facebook page and have select news posts pushed to your facebook news stream.


UPDATE to Course Catalog. Additional Seminars and Scheduling

Please note the following updates to the Summer 2011 Course Catalog:

BA Students: Additional Seminars

  • With additional financial support that we worked hard to secure, we will be able to bump up the number of seminars in LC II to offer a total of three (or possibly even four) thematically different courses of which students participating in the module will be able to pick two.
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