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NYT: Following the Script: Obama, McCain and The West Wing

I knew it... Today the New York Times featured an article that describes the similarities of the last two seasons of "The West Wing" and the current presidential election. It's stunning and if you haven't seen the series yet, you should, it's fabulous.

When Eli Attie, a writer for “The West Wing,” prepared to plot some episodes about a young Democratic congressman’s unlikely presidential bid, he picked up the phone and called David Axelrod.


Minnesota Senate Race Update

The Huffington Post reports: 

"Court Docs: GOP Donor Secretly Funneled $75K To Coleman Family"

"Norm Coleman Sues Al Franken For Defamation"

The October 29 Rasmussen poll has Coleman up by 4 percentage points.


Senatorial Races to Watch: Stevens vs. Begich (Alaska)

Another congressional race to watch is the senate race in Alaska. Incumbent Republican Senator Ted Stevens, who is the longest-serving Republican senator in the U.S. Senate, has a tougher time than expected defending his seat. The Republican has recently been indicted for lying about gifts he received causing the Republican leadership in Washington to call for his resignation. But Ted fights on. The first poll after the indictment shows a clear advantage for Begich.


What If Obama Loses?

The polls have been very clear over the last couple of months: An Obama victory on November 4th seems very likely according to the pollsters. Some commentators have even started talking about the possibility of a landslide. And they have good reason to speculate, states that haven't voted for a Democrat for President in decades are suddenly in play. Even Georgia is getting close.


Controversial Interview: Florida Reporter Questioning Biden

The following interview on a local Florida TV station (WFTV, Orlando, FL) made the national news. According to news reports, the interviewer, Barbara West, is married to a Republican media consultant. It shows in the questions. See for yourself:


"In a week and a half, it'll be over. What will we do to fill the void in our lives?"

In today's Washington Post, Eugene Robinson,  compared the campaign with an "epic novel." Here is an excerpt (for the whole article, click here):

"It feels as if we've been making our way through some great epic novel, by Tolstoy, perhaps, or Thomas Pynchon -- a book peopled by indelible characters who act against the backdrop of sweeping events. Just think back to where we started. On New Year's Day, the conventional wisdom was that the general election would be an Empire State contest between Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani.


Senatorial Races to Watch: Franken vs. Coleman (Minnesota)

Former comedian Al Franken is running against freshman Senator Norm Coleman for a senate seat in Minnesota. The race has become a wild card. After leading the polls in double digits, Coleman is losing ground to Al Franken, who is now pulling ahead in the polls. The Big12Battleground poll has Franken leading Coleman by 6 percent, a recent Rasmussen poll has Franken up by 4 percent. The independent candidate Barkley makes things even more unpredictable.


"Unbelievable McCain Vs. Obama Dance-Off"

Here is an entertaining video I just found through the Huffington Post. I dedicate this to all Hip Hop Awareness activists. To check it out, click here.


Ohio Update (Video)

I know that there are Americans, who still believe that Obama is a muslim and there will always be some. Racism will probably always exist to some extend. And I won't forget a conversation I had with a local in Ohio. who implied the possibility that Obama is the anti christ. I should be used to this, but nevertheless, I found this video rather  disturbing: 


Reviving McCarthyism: Rep. Bachmann, Palin, and the New Republican Strategy?

In an interview on MSNBC's Hardball on October 17th, the Republican Representative Michele Bachmann (Minnesota) called on the media to investigate, which members of Congress are anti-American. Bachmann's attempt to revitalize the 1950s McCarthyism triggered uproar among progressives and helped her opponent, Democrat Elwyn Tinklenberg, who raised a million dollars in the days following Bachmann's interview with Chris Matthews. As a consequence of her remarks, the Republican National Committee withdrew funds that it had planned to spend on ads for Bachmann.

Extract from the controversial interview:

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