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 Internship Workshop presented great opportunities for ASL students 

Submitted by Christina Harms on Thu, 12/08/2011 - 14:34

On December 7, ASL students attended this semester's Internship Workshop to hear more about completing an internship as part of their studies. ASL Internship Coordinator Katharina Freitag talked about where to find an internship, possibilities of doing internships abroad, how to get funding, and how to receive credits for internships. This year’s guest was Katrin Saure from the university's Career Center, who presented the various services provided by the Career Center and spoke about specific internship opportunities for students of American studies. Ms. Saure emphasized the diverse possibilities for internships in the region of Leipzig and encouraged the students to apply at international companies such as DHL and Amazon which are located in Leipzig.

Internship Coordinator Katharina Freitag
Katrin Saure from the University of Leipzig Career Center
ASL students at the Internship Workshop
Images tagged Internship Workshop WS 11
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