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 Picador Professor Michael Lowenthal Read from his Work 

Submitted by Carlo Becker on Wed, 11/05/2014 - 16:41

On Tuesday, November 04, 2014, more than fifty people attended a reading given by Picador Guest Professor Michael Lowenthal. The event, which took place at the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst (GfZK), was moderated by MDR Figaro journalist and author Ellen Schweda.


Lowenthal presented excerpts from his latest novel, The Paternity Test, and from the yet unpublished story "Uncle Kent." Upon being asked by Schweda how he feels about being labeled a gay and Jewish author, Lowenthal pointed out that, while these themes recur throughout his work, they also stand in for larger issues concerning the conflict between individual desires and social expectations. During the Q&A, Lowenthal answered questions posed by the audience concerning the importance of similarities and differences between author and characters as well as his view on the influence that an individual's academic insights might exert on their personal behavior.


Michael Lowenthal's prose and the way he discussed his life and writing revealed a thoughtful and serious, yet humorous author. The audience acknowledged his work by listening eagerly and applauding generously. You can get some impressions of the reading and the audience's opinion of Lowenthal's work in this video and on the photos below.


Lowenthal Reading 1
Lowenthal Reading 2
Lowenthal Reading 3
Lowenthal Reading 4
Lowenthal Reading 5
Lowenthal Reading 6
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