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 MDR Figaro Interviews American Studies Leipzig About Donald Trump and Muslims 

Submitted by Carlo Becker on Tue, 12/08/2015 - 14:39

The leading cultural show for radio in central Germany, MDR Figaro, spoke with American Studies Leipzig Director Crister S. Garrett today about the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his call to ban Muslims from entering America. Reporter Katja Schmidt asked if Trump is serious about this, and if Americans are swayed by his proposal and campaign. Professor Garrett replied that Trump is a classic populist if not demagogue and should be taken seriously; he is polling around 25% of Republican voters. That being said, the vast majority of Americans reject his message as can be seen by the fact that Muslims in America are integrated socio-economically much more fully than in many parts of Europe according to EU studies. Prejudice against Muslims is a real and national issue, but Islam is practiced in America widely, openly, and peacefully. There are more mosques in the Texas city of Houston than in all Germany, for example. Moreover, every presidential election is won in the center of American politics, and polls show clearly that the vast majority of Americans reject Trump's anti-Muslim tactics.

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