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 Republican Convention Preview: The Upcoming Storm 

Submitted by Caterina Rost on Fri, 08/29/2008 - 17:10

This morning John McCain revealed his pick for Vice President. It was timed as expected: The announcement was made directly after Barack Obama's history making acceptance speech yesterday to reduce the news coverage about the Democrats successful and historic convention and to refocus on the Republicans. I actually first heard about it, when I was at Denver International Airport this morning waiting for my flight to Salt Lake City to depart.

In the following days and throughout the Republican National Convention, we will surely read and hear a lot about Governor Palin. But there is another story that has the potential to impact and shape the Republican convention, which is supposed to start this upcoming Monday, September 1.

The developing storm that is forecasted to hit New Orleans late Monday or early Tuesday. Not only did prominent politicians from the Gulf coast states chose to either go back to or not even to leave their states, the hurricane could also cause the convention to be delayed or even chancelled. Due to the fact that it wouldn't go over well with the public, to see Republicans celebrating their nominee, while the second part of the newscast shows people hurting and drowning, reminding Americans of the Bush administration's horrible response to Hurricane Katrina.

This story has been in the air for a couple of days already. Earlier this week, I talked to a College Democrats delegate from New Orleans. He told me about the storm, how the city of New Orleans is preparing for the storm and what precautions he is taking. Up until now, it remains unclear how the storm will impact the convention. But let's hope for the best for the people living at the Gulf coast.

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