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 We're Back to School! 

Submitted by Björn Deh on Sun, 01/09/2011 - 20:19

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had an equally fun Christmas break as I did. While you were preparing for another big feast with your grandparents on the 25th, Richard and I had trouble making our way to the airport. This was actually the hardest part of our trip. Everything else went down smoothly, and we arrived in Athens on the 26th. After a close inspection of our homes we decided to take a walk through the city.

We couldn't believe it: This deserted city is supposed to be our home for the next 7 months? But around New Year's Eve the city seemed to suddenly wake up. People coming back from their Christmas break to celebrate the end of 2010 could be seen everywhere. (Ohio University is supposed to be the #2 party-school in the US) And with every day that the first day of school came closer, more students returned to town, and suddenly Athens has become a vibrant place which is run by students (and some professors). In fact, I think that the average age of an Athens resident is about 23.

We were actually not the only international students who arrived for the winter term. We (about 50 internationals mostly from Asia and the Middle East) all met throughout the Orientation Week which was very helpful. Not only were we able to meet new friends and get campus tours, but we also picked our classes for the winter quarter. I picked a management class, a political science class on US Foreign Affairs, and of course, the GLC project. I actually have to crash the management class but with my persuasiveness and my foreign accent it should be no problem to charm the professor ;-) The GLC class is probably one of the most demanding classes I have had throughout my illustrious college career. We are working for Diagnostic Hybrids, the second biggest employer in Athens, to figure out if it is profitable for them to advertise one of their products in South America. I'll keep you updated. Besides those three classes, Greg Emery (the professor who runs the GLC) set me up with an internship at a local business school. So this quarter will be pretty packed. More on that in the next blog entry.

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