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Submitted by Björn Deh on Sun, 05/29/2011 - 20:49

Not only is our time at Ohio University coming to an end but also our time at our internships. There are only two more weeks to go, and the work on my projects has to be finished by the 10th of June. The last big project I am working on is the rural economic development project, and I already have more than half of it finished. I conduct research on the various problems of rural economic development, then look how different strategies have been developed, and how these strategies have eventually worked out. Since large parts of the United States are considered rural and we're experiencing times of economic uncertainty, this is a very pressing matter.

Debates on US politics have been dominated by this problem, especially during the beginning of Obama's first term. Stimulus package, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and government spending have been discussed fiercely and will play an important role during the election in 2012. So I'm digging through government reports and initiatives and look at the different agencies that concentrate especially on rural economic development like the Small Business Administration (SBA), the USDA (US Department of Agriculture), and several state-based initiatives around the Appalachian region. (I have been juggling around with more acronyms than the Fanta4 back in the days) To make an even analysis I conduct interviews with experts in this field who work on different projects in Ohio. The end product/report as well as all the sources I provide will give a thorough overview on the topic of rural economic development in the US.

For the next generation of students it is my advice to just come to Athens and have a look around. There are many possibilities to get an internship and it will work out best if you are here and have a personal interview and you can gather personal impressions. No matter if you are interested in local history such as Richard or in entrepreneurship like me, there are several locations that should be of interest for you. And if there is absolutely nothing for you here in Athens you will always have the possibility to find an internship in Columbus or Cincinnati during the summer like many of my friends did. I bet the GLC will help to set you up just as much as they helped me to find something here in Athens.



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