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 Counting the Days 

Submitted by Björn Deh on Thu, 05/19/2011 - 17:25

This Saturday the bell will sound for my last 30 days in the US. It seems as if the spring quarter is going even faster than the winter quarter. The weather is (sometimes) nice, and when the sun comes out, Athens becomes this vibrant place where you can suddenly become a part of scavenger hunts, water pistol fights, or Ultimate-Frisbee matches. Spring quarter also marks the end of college life for many of my friends since they graduate and will start what they call "adult-life" with a "real job." As hard as it is to picture some of them at a 9 to 5 job, I'm sure that they will manage the transition perfectly.

Before I leave for Germany, I have lots of things to do which can be described in three words: PAPERS, PAPERS, & PAPERS. I never had to write so many things in my life. I feel like I am already writing on my BA thesis with all the research I have to do for my classes and my internship. All this comes at a very untimely moment: It's fest season in Athens. Every weekend, one of the streets in Athens is the scene of a huge party. After the partying got a little out of hand over the last two years, the police presence is huge. Cops on horses & undercover cops are patrolling the streets (feels just like a Leipzig soccer derby), leading to over 100 arrests at the big fests for underage drinking and violations of the open-container law. The last time I tried to go to one of the fests, the cops had already closed it down because somebody thought it's smart to throw a bottle at a cop. Ah well: When in Rome do as the Romans do! ;-)

In 3 weeks, after my last final, I'm going to visit my host dad and my friends that I met during my high school year in the Pacific Northwest for a week. I'm really excited to see how everybody has changed over the last 8 years, and I'm also looking forward to get out of Athens and see a little more than just Ohio.

But before I leave I have to have my own fest to say goodbye to all my friends I have met during my time here in Ohio.


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