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 All Good Things Come to an End… 

Submitted by Björn Deh on Wed, 03/30/2011 - 05:25

…sooner or later. In my case “sooner or later” meant 10 days. I just got back to Athens safe and sound after a short (spring) break that I spent in Germany. While I was visiting my family, it became clear that I only realized how much I missed all the little things about Germany. It also became clear that you start to miss especially those things that you take for granted. I was so amazed about all the differences between the US and Germany that I think the only way to do them justice is to list and explain them:

1. Food: Those of you who know me well know that I try to plan my day from meal to meal starting with a good breakfast. And this is where the problems start: I like bread and bread rolls (not fluffy toast or toast-like bread) paired with butter (real butter, not the "I-can't-believe-it's-not-butter"-butter) and cold cuts. It's fun in the beginning to eat bagels with cream cheese and peanut butter jelly sandwiches, but after a while you just get tired of the same ol' same ol'. If you like cheese you might have a problem as well because different kinds of cheese can basically be distinguished by color not by taste. Cheddar-yellow, American-white, Pepperjack-light yellow with little pepper pieces and one that just mixes yellow and white with the result of pretty much the same taste as everything else. Another thing that is completely missing in Athens is a small corner store with fruits and vegetables (one of Richard's concern) and a butcher (one of my concerns).

2. Driving: I'm one of these drivers who always know better and like to break when sitting on the passenger side. (Very annoying, right?) I'm surprised I haven't kicked through the floor mat in one of my friend's cars. Drivers here don't have to go through extensive driving lessons leading to a less anticipating style of driving. This includes the lack of the use of signals, passing on the right, no idea how to merge, and, god forbid, if a roundabout pops up out of nowhere. I will never complain about any driving again when I'm back in Germany… at least for a week. ;-)

3. Clothing: Really, ladies- UGG boots are okay as long as you are still able to lift your feet!!! (dragging your feet is not considered sexy in most parts of the world) And guys: Please don't steal the UGGs from your girlfriend, it looks ridiculous. Leggings are okay…but please put on a top that is long enough to cover your private parts.

After rereading what I have written so far, I come to the conclusion that the culture shock must have hit me pretty hard, the jetlag is playing tricks on my brain, or I might have just turned into the real life Waldorf and Statler (in one person). You do the math.

PS. I still like it here!

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