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 Mephisto Reports on MA Conference "American Pornographies" 

Submitted by Franziska Wenk on Mon, 04/11/2011 - 11:00

The student radio station mephisto 97.6 with a listenership of around 15,000 people in the greater Leipzig region conducted an interview with Ines Krug, one of the organizers of this years MA-level graduate conference on "American Pornographies: Consumerism, Sensationalism, and Voyeurism in a Global Context," in its Faustschlag show on April 4, 2011. Questions centered around the reasons for organizing a conference on "pornography" as well as on the findings the conference resulted in.

You can find a recording of the interview attached below. For further information on the conference, please refer to its official website.


Interview American Pornographies1.94 MB
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