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 MA Conference "American Pornographies" Comes to an End 

Submitted by Franziska Wenk on Mon, 04/11/2011 - 19:00

On April 1-2, the second annual graduate conference “American Pornographies: Consumerism, Sensationalism, and Voyeurism in a Global Context” welcomed sixteen MA-level student speakers from Spain, Romania, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Slovenia, and Germany.


With presentations on, for instance, nudity in fashion photography, celebrity fetishization on twitter, the commodification of the money shot, sexual consent in femslash, as well as burqa porn and hip-hop iconography the conference enabled new perspectives on the meta-topic “American Pornographies” and encouraged lively academic discussions.


Additionally, the conference featured two keynote speakers, Michael Archer, editor in chief of Guernica magazine, and John Patrick Leary, author and scholar at the Wayne State University, who spoke about “ruin porn” in Detroit.


The conference was organized by current second-year MA students enrolled in the American Studies Leipzig program. It provided a platform for international MA students to network, enabled interdisciplinary and transnational exchange, and expanded and enriched the academic perspective on pornography in a literal and metaphorical sense.


For more information on the conference, please refer to the official website.


Conference Folders
Getting to Know Each Other
Conference guests
Prof. Dr. Joachim Schwend, James Seward and Prof. Crister Garrett
Conference Audience Day One
The Organizers
Consul for Public Affairs James Seward during the Opening Session
Defining Pornography
Panel on Notions of 'Pleasure' in Porn
Presenter Milorad Kapetanović and Guest Catherine Sharpe Discussing 'Ruin Porn'
Conference Audience Day 2
Discussions and Pizza
Enjoying the Lunch Break
The Volunteers
Images tagged MA-Conference 2011
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