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 ASL Goes Truly Interdisciplinary 

Submitted by Franziska Wenk on Sat, 04/09/2011 - 17:00

On April 6, ASL faculty Dr. Katja Schmieder was invited to hold a lecture titled “Crime Scene – Do Not Cross: TV-Ärztinnen erobern männliches Territorium” at Leipzig University’s Medical School. Evolving from mutual interest in their respective areas of research, members of the university’s Center for Women’s & Children’s Health had expressed their interest in the intersections of the humanities and the natural sciences as diagnosed in literature and medicine. Subsequently, a co-operation has started, and this project was a real novelty for both Leipzig’s American Studies and the Medical Faculty: In the past, no speaker from the literary studies corner had ever given a talk for medical doctors and other health care professionals at our university. So, both “camps” greatly appreciated the opportunity and enjoyed the event, and the lively discussion following the presentation will most probably be continued in the near future. 


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