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 Picador Professor Catherine Chung Featured in Granta's "New Voices" Series 

Submitted by Dr. Sebastian M. Herrmann on Fri, 04/02/2010 - 11:20

Former Picador Professor Catherine Chung was named the latest addition to Granta's "New Voices" series, a series that "showcases fiction from emerging writers." Asked about her stay in Leipzig, Chung responds:

You’ve taught creative writing in both America and Germany. What was different about the two experiences, and the students?

Teaching creative writing is always rewarding and fun, and occasionally exhilarating. It’s tricky to try to differentiate between two groups though, because of course there’s so much variation between individual students in any given classroom.

What I learned from teaching in both places is that literature, that compulsion to share yourself through language and the imagination, really does transcend borders and nations. On some level our struggles, and what we care about and want to write about, are the same – as are our difficulties in expressing them.

If anything, being in Germany affected my writing much more than my teaching. I was working on Forgotten Country, a novel I’m just finishing up. So I was there, trying to write about things like dislocation and divisions within families and histories and nations, and it was incredible, because those things had just happeuned there. The friends I met had grown up in East Germany, and lived through the fall of the Berlin Wall and reunification. It was exciting to find myself in a place where people retained a cultural memory which resonated so well with everything I was thinking about.

Read the full interview online at Granta, or in the attached PDF. Catherine Chung's featured story "Wish" is also available on granta now.

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