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 Ambivalent Americanizations reviewed at HSozUKult 

Submitted by Dr. Sebastian M. Herrmann on Sun, 04/05/2009 - 22:39

On April 2nd, HSozUKult reviewed the American Studies Leipzig Ambivalent Americanization conference volume. Reviewing the book from Budapest's American Studies Department, Aniko Kapornaki wrote that:

The essays in „Ambivalent Americanizations” often use the postcolonial approach to theorize about the Americanization of Eastern Europe. They offer an inspiring and thoughtprovoking read for everyone interested in the region, especially for those who had lived in Eastern and Central Europe before the disintegration of the Iron Curtain, providing them with a new perspective into phenomena they probably were not consciously aware of as they happened.

Read the full review at hsozkult, also available as pdf.

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